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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with MyPharmaGuide?2023-02-02T20:18:49-05:00

We make getting started with MyPharmaGuide a simple process.  Either call us at (201) 981-4978, e-mail us at info@mypharmaguide.net, or Request an Initial Consultation

Where does the initial consultation take place?2023-02-02T20:18:54-05:00

Both initial consultations and follow-up medication reviews (if you choose to receive them) may take place in person or remotely via our HIPAA-compliant patient telehealth portal, based on your preferences.

If you desire to meet in person (if you are in an area we currently serve), appointments can take place in your home (or shared area if you live in an adult community), or in a public place (for example, the library, donut shop, or a senior center).

For your comfort, MyPharmaGuide pharmacists will always be wearing a lab coat with their name and our logo prominently displayed so you can easily recognize us.

What happens during an initial consultation?2023-03-08T19:42:23-05:00

During the initial consultation, we will learn about you, your health conditions, your healthcare providers, your prescription insurance coverage, as well as any challenges you’re dealing with managing your medications.

We will review your existing medications for any contraindications or duplications, help you manage any side effects you may be experiencing, and assess any issues you may be having with non-covered or high-copay prescriptions. If desired, we will set up and maintain an automatic pill dispenser to help you remember to take your medications every day.

You will have access to our HIPAA-secure online portal to view our recommendations, your current medication list, as well as any patient education materials you may have requested.

What happens during follow-up medication reviews?2023-02-04T13:05:13-05:00

During follow-up medication reviews, MyPharmaGuide will continue to help you manage any issues you might be having with any aspect of your medication regimen.

We will reach out on your behalf to your prescriber and insurance company to explore a less expensive medication if you are dealing with a high co-pay prescription and evaluate your Medicare D insurance plan during open enrollment.

MyPharmaGuide can set up convenient mail-order delivery of your prescriptions in 90-day supplies that will often be less costly. If we set up an automatic pill dispenser during your initial consultation, we will refill the dispenser, and check if any prescription refills need to be ordered to help ensure a continuous medication supply.

As with your initial consultation, you will have access to our HIPAA-secure patient portal to view our recommendations to help optimize your medication management, as well as any updates to your medication list.

What if I am returning from a hospitalization, rehab, or nursing home stay?2023-02-03T18:46:08-05:00

MyPharmaGuide offers Post-Discharge Medication Reconciliation appointments to review and organize your medications if you are returning home or back to your senior community after a hospital, rehab, or nursing home stay. These priority appointments are scheduled within 72 hours after your return to reduce confusion and help ensure you are taking your discharge medications properly and safely. If you have one, we will also set up your automatic pill dispenser with your new medication regimen.

What payment methods does MyPharmaGuide accept?2023-03-08T19:43:10-05:00

MyPharmaGuide accepts all major credit cards, including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as debit cards. During the patient intake process, you will be asked to provide a credit card that will be securely stored on our website.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-07-14T23:56:41-04:00

If a patient who has paid in advance for medication reviews (either monthly or quarterly) wishes to cancel future reviews for any reason, they will be charged at the current single-session monthly rate for any completed medication reviews and refunded the balance of any payment they have made upon notifying MyPharmaGuide.

Where is MyPharmaGuide available?2022-07-15T12:50:16-04:00

MyPharmaGuide is currently available remotely for anyone in the United States, and in person and remotely for those living in Northern and Central New Jersey, and Rockland County, New York. We expect to be expanding our in-person service areas in the near future so please check back here or feel free to call us for updates.

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