Our Process

MyPharmaGuide provides older adults with the comfort of an experienced pharmacist who will provide professional guidance to help simplify the management of their medications.

Our Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we will:

  • Gain an understanding of the patient’s health conditions, healthcare providers seen, and what medications are currently being taken (both prescription and over the counter)

  • Identify issues that may be interfering with medications being taken as prescribed (for example, side effects, difficulty swallowing, forgetfulness, confusion)

  • Set up and maintain an automatic pill dispenser (if desired) with lights and alarm customized to patient’s medication schedule to reduce missed and duplicate doses

  • Assess any insurance/prescription cost issues
  • Explore more efficient/less expensive prescription delivery methods
  • Research manufacturer savings programs and patient advocacy foundation grants for eligible patients

  • Check vaccination history

Follow-Up Medication Reviews

During follow-up medication reviews, we will:

  • Review/update your medication list

  • Restock automatic pill dispenser and ensure refills are ordered to maintain continuous medication supply

  • Work with your prescriber and insurance company to find effective, lower-cost alternatives for high-copay prescriptions
  • Have your prescriptions delivered directly to your home or community if desired, often at a lower cost

  • Reduce confusion with your medications in the event you are returning after a hospitalization, nursing home, or rehab stay

  • Provide tips to help you manage side effects
  • Conduct an annual review of Medicare Part D prescription insurance during open enrollment period to help secure the most cost-effective coverage

  • Evaluate cost savings of preferred in-network versus standard in-network or out-of-network pharmacies

After your initial consultation and follow-up medication reviews, you will have access to our HIPAA-secure patient portal to view our recommendations to improve your medication management, as well as your current medication list.